Inanna Ritual Bristol Goddess Temple

Sculpted Trough at Ashton Court Estate Inspired by Saxon Myth

Over the last year most of our activities have been in the shamanic practice stream, where sustained experience has allowed us to go into greater depth. But I always wanted to return to something more deity-focused! Fortunately the Weavers at the Bristol Goddess Temple, several of whom have shared our activities, have agreed to organize a ceremony around the Mesopotamian myth of the Descent of Inanna. One of the Weavers is co-designing this ritual with a practitioner of Druidry with whom we have often worked before. We’re really looking forward to it!

Participation in the activity by no means requires belief in pagan deities. Indeed, part of its rationale is that modern paganism typically prioritizes experience over belief. As an eclectic group of academics, therapists, and modern pagans, we want to share and discuss this experience. What images, words, emotions, or powers might we experience through this activity? If you want to attend, please notify me at; space is limited, so please don’t turn up unless you’ve been confirmed. This also lets us plan for catering!

The activity itself will run from about 10 till about 12 on Sunday July 14. The first part of the ceremony will be movement-based and take place in the cavernous downstairs hall, while the later part will be more meditative and take place in the Temple upstairs. Participants are then encouraged to stay for open discussion of the experience and lunch, which will be catered by Pinkmans deli! (This again thanks to the generosity of the Brigstow Institute.) The location is Warmley Clock Tower building.

We suggest that participants wear clothing that is comfortable for both moving and sitting. The organizers have furthermore asked that everyone bring something to wear that will “sacralize” the activity and set it apart from everyday life. This can be something as simple as a shawl, or something as elaborate as a ceremonial robe!

Anyone with questions is also free to contact me.

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