This website is devoted to creative dialogue between classical polytheisms, modern paganisms, and modern concerns about mental and spiritual wellbeing. We believe that historically and theoretically informed research, experimental and creative practice, and personal faiths and transformations can and should co-exist. To put it another way, we aim to combine critical reflection with open-mindedness. Since creative experimentation and personal beliefs know no firm boundaries, comparative material from other ancient and modern spiritual traditions will sometimes be introduced here as well.

Originally this website was associated with a networking group bringing together therapists, academics in various fields, and modern pagans. We are grateful to the Brigstow Institute at the University of Bristol for giving us the funding to organize this group. Its principal organiser was Kurt Lampe in the Department of Classics and Ancient History. We wish also to acknowledge the contributions made by several local therapists (especially Angelica Macarthur-Kline, Polly Wood, and Isabel de Salis), the Bristol Goddess Temple (especially Ruth Parham), Rhodri Karim and the Bristol branch of the Psychedelic Society, and the shamanic practitioner Nick Woodward. Other contributors will be evident from the guest blogs.

The networking group project ended in July 2019. All material subsequent to that date expresses the views of Kurt Lampe only, not of the group or its funders.

(The menu image right now was a painting by Pichi Avo from the Bristol Upfest 2016. Like most of the Upfest art, it was painted over the following year. The annual cycle of birth and death in urban art could perhaps be related to the neo-pagan “wheel of the year.” Even if not, it was a nice display!)

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