Mythology Event: Zeus and Dream Incubation

One of our project members, Rhodri Karim, is among other things one of the coordinators of the Psychedelic Society of Bristol. (He’s also, according to his website, “a practicing shaman, training as a counsellor and working in harm reduction.”) On November 1, the Psychedelic Society has organized an experiential event on Mythology at the Cube Microplex.

It looks like one of the performances will involve introducing and creatively re-enacting the practice of healing by dream incubation, which was widespread in the cult of the ancient Greek god Asclepius. I’ll be coordinating the other experience myself. I’ll say a few words about the sources and meanings of ancient Greek myths, the aim of which will be to shake up some misleading preconceptions. Then I’ll lead the audience in a modernized recreation of an ancient Attic festival of Zeus.

Both parts of the event should be useful for thinking about the psychology and sociology of a polytheistic lifeworld.


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