Initial Workshop Outcomes

With therapists, academics, and esoteric or pagan practitioners from a range of backgrounds, this even could easily have been either very stimulating or a complete failure. I’m pleased to say that, for the great majority of participants, it seems to have been the former. Many thanks to the medical anthropologist and psychotherapist Isabel de Salis for presenting her fieldwork from Malawi, and to Angela Voss for discussing her astrological practice and transformative pedagogy in the Myth, Cosmology, and the Sacred MA at Canterbury Christchurch University.

Recordings of the presentations and some of the conversations can be listened to here:




I’ve also attached the handout of references from my introduction and the Workshop Report I’m sending to our funders, since it includes my subjective summary of the results. Finally, you can check out Jack Hunter’s summary here.

We’re very grateful to the Brigstow Institute the Bristol Institute of Greece, Rome, and the Classical Tradition for supporting this event.

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